LDC (TV Pilot)

Lethal Dragon Commander an animated TV Pilot


LDC or Lethal Dragon Commander, is an animated TV pilot being created by Etascope Studios (Directed by Anton Petrovich) about a young space Captain in future Space Wars and her challenges to climb ranks to become an Elite ‘Lethal Dragon Commander’


Many years into the future Earth discovers deep in its mantle a rare element that could bend space and time. The new element was named Omnium. A peaceful Earth, we soon had diplomatic relations with other alien worlds who choose to use Omnium in exchange for their highly advanced tech. This was the case for many years until an uncivil alien race known as the Zartek caught wind of the value of Omnium and decided to conquer Earth and use the element for themselves.

Soon a War broke out between the Humans and the Zartek Empire with the help of the Torrodians Humans built Space battleships installed with Torrodian tech known as the Alpha drive.