Hitbuster Alpha

The Chance to rise to a higher density has been a dream for many sentient beings throughout the universe for millennia.

A higher state of mind and body compels many from the most brave to the most meek to take a chance and defy the odds and take themselves to the limit.

Many beings from across space and time take part in this endevour to grow from a state of Sigma to Beta up till to becaome an Alpha.

This is the story of Yuna Omega an Earthling of the Hitbuster Clan who will start her journey of becoming a

– Hitbuster Alpha.

Hello Friends My name is Anton Petrovich (Deuronius) I am the lead creative of Etascope Studios and I will be guiding you through a short overview of my upcoming project a fighting Game titled “Hitbuster Alpha”

(Note: Big updates to the Script and Game have since happened ^^)

The Game will be targeted towards fans of Fighting games and The Fighting game community from enthusiasts to die-hards and is planned to be built with gradual complexity on future releases.

The overview is that the game story will have brand new IP’s and will be set in Nairobi with a blend of fantasy Scifi and tech.

The first Volume revolves around Yuna Omega who is a mechanic an ex-patriot from Russia who lives in Nairobi with her daughter Yulia and spends most of her evenings in Fight clubs to earn enough cash for her kid because after visiting the doctor she finds out she has a brain tumor and doesn’t have long to live.

The ‘Universe Guild Omega’ (UGO) take note of Yuna’s Alpha Source and send Derik and Mia to ask her to join the Guild and promise Yuna the guild can cure her illness, Yuna accepts for the sake of her daughter.

Yuna Later joins Brin, Dante and Riker as apprentices of Arkan in learning the ways of the Alpha Source.

The project is currently a solo one, I am in the progress of putting everything together Art, Animation, Programming Music and Marketing and I hope that the fans can enjoy. If you would like to support the en-devour feel free support me through paypal: spirux@yahoo.com or visit my Patreon where you will have access to first of the shelf content from Merch to first peek at the the release of the video Game.

More details on the progress of the game can be found on my Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZeVpdWlJis&t=17s

The Game Can be Played from Itch.io here:


The Official Hitbuster Alpha Soundtrack Album can be grabbed here:


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