Welcome to Tinkibon

A fun MMO platformer challenge game for PC

Show the world who’s boss!

Tinkibon has a Multiplayer Hiscore on the start frame to show the world who’s the Boss.

Challenging Puzzles

The Diamond is right in front of you hmm…so how do you get to it? be creative you might shock yourself.

Fun and creative ways to get to your goal

Dig tunnels, and get creative as to how you will get the 5 Diamonds to win the Game. Your imagination is the limit.

Tricky enemies

Don’t be fooled by the Pimpims the Tuwalas this world is ment for the hardknocks and only those quick with their witt and skill can survive

“Tinkibon is a ‘Kisekai’ a Kenyan Isekai an African fantasy world so hidden and different from what we know that it boggles the mind. ”

The 5 diamonds of the world of land of Uwala are said to grant it’s wielder any wish they want, everybody knows this and that’s why the rush is on! But only the bravest of the brave and wisest of the wise can tackle such a quest.

Tinkibon knows this, a noble warrior from the land of Mimo, he’s only wish is to see the land of ‘Pathan’ where it’s said Humans live and thrive and have things called cars and hotdogs. Nothing will stand in his way he must know if this world is real or not.

Join Tinkibon Today

For a limited time only Etascope Studios would like to invite you for FREE! to join the wonderful world of Tinkibon. You are invited to join many from around the world as they frolic in this world and try their best to win. Simply click the link below download the game and Play to your hearts content.