The 488

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The year is 2865, humans choose Androids as their preferred cohabiting partner over ordinary humans. As populations dwindle a big group of people decided to take matters into their own hands and rage war against the Andromatica’s. The main protagonist Nagana is an Andromatica a former Assassin Android who changed her ways and believes that war is not always the right way.

Hitbuster Alpha

A Hitbuster is a special being able to tap into the cosmic force known as the Alpha Source, a limitless power that is only gifted with a few. Naya Gama the main protagonist is one of the few bestowed upon such a abilities but compared to the rest is taken to be unfit and weak to wield such a power thus is politely asked by her bosses to give up the life of a Hitbuster.

Immortal Damage

With great power might come great responsibility, but with the ultimate power, things get abit more interesting. The maximum fight of survival makes the term O.P sound like an onion ring. But don’t be fooled, things are not always what they seem. This 53 page full story graphic novel is packed with concepts that might have you read it twice to confirm the madness, but not because it’s different – but because it treads between hope and Immortal Damage.

Killer Farts From Uranus

The tyranny of Uranus has begun, the grand Fartside has been sent to earth to wreak havoc. The noble superhero Yotta is at hand to protect earth from he’s vile stench of destruction.


When great evil wants to take over the universe, great choices have to be made, Sarah Riley of earth is given a second chance to be one of the galaxies elite forces, she thought nothing could come in her way, but what she was about to find out was that sometimes even the most noble of wishes have dire consequences.


In the City of Nairobi, Kenya, Detective Dan Mogutu is hot on the trail of a serial killer. Although hitting a dead end, Dan is weary to accept the help of the city’s most notorious vigilante. As he knows when the stakes are high, there is usually always a price to pay.


The whereabouts of Metatron the third is a secret only 2 know in all the universes, hidden away to ensure the balance of everything. But Azoria his first daughter is denied the right to seek audience with her father and declares war upon the gods, totally unaware that the fate she seeks is even worse, than the catastrophe she brings upon endverse.


The future is in the hands of Mika Omicron, her influence might change the tide of one of the biggest wars in the galaxy, with her comrades Ato-1 and loyal space ship A.I Icarus, what is meant to be a simple rescue mission turns into a story packed with action drama and suspense.

Little me here, little me there

A wordless picture book about bored Emma who lives in a new town and longs for a friend, luckily she finds one, but you wouldn’t guess who it is.